Offshore Drilling & Production Vessels

Offshore Drilling & Production Vessels

Metec with its strategically located cathodic protection manufacturing facilities is well stationed to supply our client’s requirements of special surveys for their vessels. We have a vast experience in supplying a variety of cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems for corrosion protection and fouling control of client’s offshore vessels. 

Advances in technology and offshore drilling capabilities mean offshore structures are continuing in service far longer than the original design life intended. As offshore structures and vessels age, their anodes surrender themselves by delivering cathodic protection which means they progressively loosing size and form in time. Eventually the anodes are unable to continue providing enough protection required to stop the below the sea steelwork from corroding. 

Replacing anodes in situ can be costly, time consuming, and pose significant safety risks and hazards. Metec experience, technical and design capabilities, alongside its large capacity, ensures we can provide a long-lasting bespoke product solution and adapt to any short lead times, whilst ensuring the most competitive pricing structure for products such as: 

  • Stand Off Anodes
  • Flush Mounted Anodes
  • Tower Anodes for Pile Clusters
  • Retrofit Anodes
  • Hull anodes Weld On
  • Hull anodes Bolt On
  • Tank Anode
  • Design
  • Voltage Potential Surveys

We supply Cathodic Protection Systems to the following sectors…

Offshore Renewables

We are the market leading producer of galvanic anode Cathodic Protection Systems for the offshore renewable industries

Offshore Oil & Gas

Our well-equipped foundry ensures we can offer the global offshore oil and gas market the most competitive short lead time Cathodic Protection Systems available

Offshore Drilling & Production Vessels

We have a long standing experience in supplying a large variety of Cathodic Protection and Anti-Fouling Systems for corrosion protection and fouling control of clients offshore vessels

Port & Harbour

Our unique range of anodes specifically designed for port and harbour applications are proven to give unrivalled and long-lasting protection

Ship Build & Repair

We offer a full package of system design and manufacturing for vessels hulls, rudders, thrusters, shafts, tanks, and various ship repair ancillary equipment