Inchcape Offshore Jacket Anodes

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METEC (UK) part of the METEC Cathodic Protection Group is a market leading producer of galvanic anode Cathodic Protection Systems for all types of subsea assets within the offshore industry.

Our local, national, and global client base continues to grow through our unrivalled quality, capability, capacity and our collaborative approach to client needs. The latest in a long line of “right first time, on time” contract successes is the supply off a large anode contract for #Smulders for the Inchcape offshore substation project.

Stage one delivery was made to #Smulders with all anodes of a high quality, delivered on or ahead of time without incident or accident. A additional 36 large anodes requested by the client where worked seamlessly into METEC existing production schedules and delivered the 1st week in January 2024 as requested and needed by the project managers on this project.

John Brash, Smulders Quality Manager commented,

“The anodes delivered have been of a very high quality and we thank Metec and the team for this.”

METEC works closely with #Smulders and all its clients at all stages off the contractual process. Client feedback shows again our commitment and determination to maintain our position in the industry as a preferred and reliable manufacturing partner for large scale high profile projects requiring sacrificial anodes of this type, size, and scale.

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