Marine Civil Cathodic Protection

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In 2023 Metec UK provided over 7000 anodes to a double digit number of Marine Civil Engineering projects from our foundry in South Shields. Whilst we are delighted to have been chosen to supply our products to all the civil engineering companies who placed contracts with us, we are hugely proud of our ability to deliver not just our products but more importantly our service, which in most is down to our workforce who have unmatched history and experience in the design and manufacture of sacrificial anodes.

Metec group understands the pressures our clients have placed upon them to hand over projects on-time without delay. With sacrificial anodes being on most occasions some of the last items to be installed on quay walls and piles, our performance can be critical to path to hand over. Metec Group have the capacity , flexibility, the people, and key install partners who are ready to work with clients to deliver.

Our video taken by “Bertie the Metec drone” takes a flight around our local river tyne which is undergoing noticeable development and redevelopment of land historically used by heavy engineering, shipbuilding and repair. The River Tyne resurgence in part is down to the transition to renewable energy and the need for Offshore wind turbine maintenance facilities for the likes of dogger bank wind farm which Metec Group have had, and continue to support foundation manufacturers with the provision of all scarification cathodic protection anodes. Staging and storage areas, load out facilities for offshore wind turbine components, offshore oil and gas equipment. Ship repair, berth extensions for vessel loading/offloading have all benefited from our local production facility in supporting the marine civil engineering contractors working on the river.

Much of the redevelopment on the Tyne and in many other parts of the UK and Europe requires the cathodic protection of new and existing sheet pile walls and cylindrical piles driven deep into the river bed to support concrete decks. Metec Group are grateful to both new and returning clients who recognise and trust us and our ability to deliver on their promises and continue to support us as we support them.

Follow us on LinkedIn to see “bertie” the metec drone fly through our facility in the next few weeks to provide a birds eye view of our production of all our anode types small to very large.


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